2018 Highlights

Newborns and families and births, oh my!

I worked with various families in and around Melbourne throughout 2018 and captured so many gorgeous and meaningful photos for them to treasure.

Enjoy this brief showreel celebrating some of the home sessions and families I spent time with and scroll down to check out a selection of the still photos for your extended viewing pleasure!

The truly beautiful thing about family lifestyle photos too is they become even more valuable to us over time; they appreciate in our emotional bank.

And it’s in the looking back once years have passed that their immense worth becomes so abundantly clear. Any parent – in particular – will tell you that. These moments and expressions are so fleeting. Babies and children change SO FAST!

They say, “Blink and you’ll miss it!”

I’d add to that, “Don’t take photos either and you’ll miss it even more!”

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