Frequently Asked Questions

What is lifestyle photography?!

It's relaxed, intimate, and not heavily posed. Lifestyle photography is the modern love child of two classic genres: documentary photography and traditional studio portraiture. It's the happy medium between having no direct input or impact on what is being photographed, and having tight control over details like posing, lighting, set, and wardrobe. Lifestyle photography is the best of both worlds: mostly observational with gentle direction

Why would I choose a lifestyle photographer like you?

The thought of rigid posing and studio lighting makes you cringe! The convenience and comfort of being in your own home (or meaningful place) sounds ideal. While you appreciate the craft of 'baby in a basket''s doesn't appeal to you personally. You're not looking for stilted, smile-at-the-camera family photos. Instead, you want a collection of images with connection and meaning that combine to tell a story of your life right now: your family, your home, your love, and the way it all combines into a beautifully imperfect mess that's all yours!

What experience do you have?

By the start of 2018 I'd photographed 105 home sessions. I also have plenty of first-hand experience dealing with babies and children as a mother of three. Over the decade of my professional photography career thus far I have also photographed dozens and dozens of weddings, 15 births and about as many maternity sessions.

What formal qualifications do you have?

I'm an Accredited Professional Photographer Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AAIPP), have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (LaTrobe University/James Madison University), a Diploma of Arts in Applied Photography (NMIT), and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management (RMIT University.) I also have my current Working With Children Check (WWC.). I'm also a mother of I get it!

What exactly is a 'home session?'

Instead of travelling to a photography studio or shared public location, a home session allows you and your newborn to conveniently remain in your personal space to be photographed. Few places will have more meaning for you than your own home. Few places will be easier for you and allow you to feel most relaxed. And those factors combine to create the ideal environment for capturing newborns and their families in an intimate and meaningful way.

Do I have to clean up before our home session?!

No. Two things: 1) having a newborn is a busy time and cleaning will likely be towards the bottom of your list of things to do (as it should!) and 2) how your home looks is nowhere near as important as how it feels. As long as there's a loving and connected family inside, that's all I need for a successful home session. If your home is tidy and stylish, wonderful. If your home is lived-in with dishes in the sink, washing on the couch, toys all over the floor and so on, wonderful! As long as you're comfortable, it works for me (and it will reflect in your photos.)

Where will you go in my home?

Wherever you spend most of your time! Typically that means the living spaces (lounge and kitchen etc.), the nursery, and the master bedroom. Weather permitting we can go into your outdoor space if relevant too. The idea of home sessions is to capture a snippet of your life at home with your baby so whatever that entails and you'd like to preserve, I will photograph.

Can siblings be included in our home session?

Absolutely. Yes please. I photograph family-focused newborn home sessions so whomever your family includes: a solo parent, a couple, families with multiple children etc.

What payment options do you offer?

Credit card and direct deposit via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT.) No interest payment plans available upon request.

Can I purchase the digital files?

Yes. They're called 'digital negatives' and they come with permission to print rights, which means unlimited DIY printing for personal use.

Like to know more?
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"Each moment is a place you've never been."
- Mark Strand

“Each moment is a place you’ve never been.”


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